The Wood Wilder Brand

Wood Wilder is a contemporary Danish lifestyle brand, founded in the beginning of 2015. The Wood Wilder brand is owned by Sterndorff Trading, founded by Emil Sterndorff Urskov Rasmussen, and is based in Denmark.


The Wood Wilder brand focus on mindset, strength, attitude, willingness and manners. Whilst most brands at the time focus on cost efficiency and profits, our basic values are innovation, quality, and utmost customer satisfaction. 

Who's behind the Wood Wilder collection?

Emil Sterndorff Urskov Rasmussen - designer, inventor and entrepreneur aged 22. Lives in Aarhus, Denmark.


Call me at +4521470981 to arrange a meeting. 

Project Forest

In order to be able to create our wooden products, we have been forced to join the process of deforestation, which by all means should not be acceptable. That is why we have taken the initiative to start the Project Forest and rebuild nature by developing a cooperation with non-profit organizations, to not only plant at least one tree per product sold but at the same time helping multiple families in need. For every one thousand products we sell, we will fully fund a family’s 4-year journey to implement a forest garden in either Africa, Asia or South America, planting thousands of trees, benefiting both people and the environment. Approximately 1 - 3 trees will be planted per product sold.


Project Forest by the facts

One tree is more than enough to supply wood for approximately one thousand products from the Wood Wilder store. At least one tree will be planted per product sold through the Wood Wilder store, so while we only sacrifice one tree, at least a thousand trees will be planted anew.