wooden bow tie
Wooden Bow Ties

Ebony Wooden Bow Tie


The well beloved wooden bow tie is already worn by Instagram idols such as @wideowt4 and @kingdaddylong_legs and is considered one of the most innovative and thought through products in the fashion industry by Teddy Winston Brand, Gigabyte Music, and The Exiled Brit. 

The bow tie produced in Ebony Wood, which is by far the world's strongest wood type, is cut from a single piece of wood, combined with a soft fabric material and a magnet to keep the bow tie in place. Exclusively for the Wood Wilder bow tie, is the interchangeable middle pieces, which guarantees a great fit for most to any outfit. A magnet in an easily adjusted neck strap makes it very easy to put on and to take off. 

Behind every bow tie, lies countless hours of work and each bow tie is as unique as your own fingerprint.

Inside the package, you will find an exclusively produced wooden box containing the bow tie, two middle pieces, a certificate of tree planting, a promo code and a business card.

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wooden bow tie
Wooden bow tie
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Wood bow tie
Wooden bow ties
Wooden bow ties
Wood Bow ties

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