Frequently Asked Questions


Do you ship internationally?

- Yes we do, for free, exclusively when choosing the economy delivery method


Which wood types do you use?

- Primarily 4 different wood types: 

Ebony, Walnut, Maple and Zebra


When will I receive my order?

- Every order made before 12:00, danish time, will be sent the same day.

Depending on your location(national or international), delivery times can vary from 1 to 9 days. 


Are the Wood Wilder collections sold wholesale?

Yes. For any inquiries, please contact


Do you give back to the nature?

- Yes we do indeed! Each tree planted leads to the birth of a new tree in either South America, Africa or Eastern Asia, benefitting the future of our world. 


Press related request?

- All press related inquiries can be sent to


Return policy?

- Every order comes with a 14 day return policy.

Please read further information in the Terms and Conditions.